Stop, Relax! by Tasha Robbins

Stop/Relax by Tasha Robbins

Private Sessions
Individual one-on-one practice includes movement observation, assessment and exercises, gentle hands-on bodywork and compassionate dialogue to help with injuries, chronic pain and/or to improve efficiency and expression.
Rates: $120 per or $300 for 3-pack; Length: 1 hour per
(Special Offer – First-time and Referrals for $90)

Group Classes
Moving for Life® – Dance Exercise for Health
BodyMind Dancing® – Deep Movement Discovery
Rates: $20 per class, $50 for 3-pack or $100 for 6-pack; Length: 1 hour

Dynamic Embodiment® (DE) – Exploring the Body Systems
Somatic Anatomy: The Breathing Series w/Lissa Michalak
The Glands as Physical Bridges to the Chakras w/Shakti Smith
Heart Bodies-Heart Chakra
Yoga for Bone Health w/Grace Grochowski
Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis through DE
Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals through DE
Somatic Wellness Series: The Immune System w/Mandy Chan
Somatic Wellness Series: The Stress Response w/Mandy Chan
Yoga with Somatic Intelligence: The Endocrine System w/Shakti Smith

Our Breathing Environment: Somatic Anatomy of the Diaphragm
Introduction to Developmental Movement w/Mandy Chan
Somatic Anatomy: The Organ Series w/Lissa Michalak
Somatic Joint Space: The Lower & Upper Body w/Mandy Chan
The Body in Translation – Moving Interpretations of Words, Images and Sound
Yoga & Meditation for Teens

Rates: vary Length: varies

 Sliding scale and bartering options available.

Wear comfortable clothes for moving!
Call 718.499.7409 or email dana@thesomafox.com to schedule or register.
Please arrive on time and call ahead to cancel.

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