Buddha Stupa by Carla Crow

Buddha Stupa by Carla Crow


“Dana and Lissa shared an incredible depth of information while maintaining a contagious lightness of spirit. They are masterful team teachers; their contrasting energies as facilitators balanced the intense days beautifully as they pulsed between torrents of well organized audio/visual information and spacious embodied integration time. The connection between the mind and body was always supported during this workshop, empowering the participants to learn through a wide variety of modalities; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile. This range of access points transformed daunting science into a game, and turned play into a rich opportunity to harvest embodied knowledge. I came out of this workshop inspired and excited about the infinite complexity and wisdom of our human bodies.” – Catherine Cabeen, Embodied Physiology workshop at Studio 55C

“What a fun class! I definitely felt taller, lighter, and more ‘groovy’ after leaving the class.” – Nancy Sampson, MFL class at Brooklyn Arts Exchange

“The results of the session two weeks ago were amazing. I went to the gym five times last week and was able to really stretch my back as I have not been able to in years. I have been getting going much more easily in the mornings as my back and hamstrings have just not been as tight. I was also much calmer after the session – it took me two-and-a-half hours to drive from lower Manhattan to West 85th Street that afternoon and I was completely calm. That is remarkable!” – BB, private session at Slope Wellness

“Your class took me to very easy awarenesses of the body areas I’ve lately been dealing, I love the upper appendicular twists from the warrior lunges!” – Peter Anthony, MFL class at Brooklyn Arts Exchange

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